More Black Than Purple
Accounting & Bookkeeping for SMEs

eleanorEleanor Doyle started this blog in 2012 when she came to the understanding that most of the public has no idea what accountants do, or what they are capable of contributing to an organization.

Eleanor was and is still of the opinion that there are roles and functions that an accountant can seize which will make the business most successful. She’s also of the opinion that hiring an internal accountant can be far more than what most people need.

The luxury of having someone sitting at a dedicated keyboard to pull up and P&L or cash balance is just that – a luxury. With today’s technology and particularly with advances that have been made in accounting systems, there is every opportunity to set up secure and hosted environments that people can access to interact with the accounting system.


When an executive can run his or her own report, Eleanor thinks, that executive can make better and faster decisions. In most cases, advanced technology leads to greater agility. Eleanor has seen this in her position with Dawson and Lord, and later in her management role with Thomas Brandy.

The approach that each business owner takes to using accounting services is going to differ, but Eleanor believes that outsourced accounting can be an incredible boon to most organizations.