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Accounting & Bookkeeping for SMEs

Looking for an accounting firm for your small to mid-sized business can be very challenging. The directive to find someone who knows their stuff, does math their sleep, and understand how to work with other human beings is a lot to look out for. Fortunately, there are some excellent tips and tricks from experienced people who visit this site and have become Friends!

Interview three different companies, and only discard one at a time

This tidbit of complex mathematical wisdom is from Shelby. She recommends doing a bracket approach to interviewing service providers, and going beyond the bare minimum.

The job market has changed and will continue to change over the next coming years, and being a little bit more competitive is only smart. If none of the three make the cut, that’s absolutely OK too, Shelby says. It’s better to have interviewed and lost than never to have interviewed at all.

Ask your accountant friends for recommendations. Do not interview your accountant friends.  Seriously.

Per Robert, who says there’s an excellent story about this which he will one day tell me, the business services community runs on a lot of scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.

When there’s business to be had the scratching can quickly turn to clawing and leave some bruises. So keep your friends and keep your work, and happily take recommendations.

Our recommendation is these chartered accountants serving Kingston. They will surely help your business as they are qualified accountants who serve startup entrepreneurs, contractors as well as established SME.

When you’re looking for accountants online, don’t think math.

Assume (which I know, I told you never to do) any accountant can do basic math skills. You’ll need to do some skills testing, but unless you’re hiring for a C level strategic role, there’s no real need to discuss theories of cash handling. Make sure you thoroughly test out their handling of a customer service situation, since that skill set is so opposite to the analytical one.