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Top Accounting Websites for Startups

In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving business world, things can change at a moment’s notice and leave you in the dust if you don’t stay on top of things. Accounting is not immune to this phenomenon. Professional accountants worldwide need to stay on top of current business trends, be willing to learn new skills, and constantly continue their education in order to make sure that they’re providing their clients with the best possible, most up-to-date information and services possible. Gregory Atkinson, of in Brighton & Hove, tells us that “staying on top of emerging trends, in UK tax law in particular, is an essential part of our profession.” Here, then, are the best websites for keeping on top of changes in accounting practices: whether you’re a CPA, business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur.

Accounting Coach

            This educational site is designed to teach the finer points of accounting to people from all walks of life, regardless of any existing accounting background. Since its start in 2003, the goal of Accounting Coach has been to provide high-quality accounting education without all the costs typically associated with tuition, books, and other expenses. To this day they have stayed true to this goal, while also introducing a professional version of their program with expanded features that helps to finance the free version.


            Sleeter is targeted toward professional accountants and small business owners handling their business’s accounting needs on their own. They have a team of more than 700 accounting professionals that serve as consultants for their students, and they also hold an annual conference and trade show where members can get together and network.

The Blunt Bean Counter

            This blog, maintained by Mark Goodfield, offers a wealth of expert advice on such topics as income taxes, finance, and managing money in all aspects of life. While anyone may benefit from the information on this blog, it is particularly valuable to high net-worth individuals and the owners of private companies.

Accounting For Management

            This site provides clear and concise information about a range of accounting topics pertaining to business ownership and management. It has four main sections- examples, explanations, problems, and calculators so that wherever you are along the learning spectrum, there’s something for you to engage with.

Accounting Learnatorium

            This whimsically-named blog aims to keep business owners up-to-date with tax laws and exemptions that somehow seem to always change from year to year faster than one can keep up. The “Learnatorium” helps entrepreneurs master their own unique tax situations while still having time to oversee the regular operations of their businesses. It is updated weekly and also provides accounting strategies, advice, tips for finding and working with a good accountant, and reducing the stress of managing your own accounts. There’s something for everybody at the Accounting Learnatorium.

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