More Black Than Purple
Accounting & Bookkeeping for SMEs

London is rapidly becoming the financial center of the universe again. After several decades of hiatus, the City has recently recaptured her crown.

Part of the appeal of the British business practice is that it is backed by such excellent finance professionals. With a very deep bench of talented and well educated financial services professionals, the people in the United Kingdom are fortunate to have one of the best talent pools available in accounting.

There are big companies which provide outsourced accounting services, audit services and other testing. There are also smaller mom and pop shops which do an excellent job and can be more flexible about creating customized plans. Eleanor knows that there are major benefits to partnering with a firm that has more than one or two accountants on staff.

Not only can you scale your own growth without adopting higher corporate support overheads but you can turn your business into a dynamic and free flowing idea machine. Having the strategic support levels that a seasoned CIO can give your firm without the obligation to an ongoing and large salary commitment is a serious thrill for most business owners. S

imultaneously knowing that in house resources are not being chewed up for any mundane or less valuable activity is pretty important. Eleanor recommends these firms as ones which know the score and have highly ethical and talented professionals on team.

Adapt Accountancy TM


This 2001 firm is a firm made up of accounting generalists who are excellent at their work. With capabilities ranging from tax and audit to finance and bookkeeping, there is nothing that Adapt has not been able to help resolve.

The best part is their connections: when one of our staff lost his car keys, a partner firm of Adapt helped the employee to find his keys in the storm drain.

Proactive Accounting


Offering tax and accounting services to businesses and personal customers, Purley’s Proactive Accounting is focused on helping start ups and small businesses. By designing the operations properly at the outset, work is saved throughout the lifecycle of the business.

Going through the process of process improvement with Proactive can also be a very bonding experience for a team.

Thames Bridge Accountants


When there’s an owner managed business that doesn’t have solid financial care, all those long hours and years of work may not amount to anything helpful.

Compliance work, consulting financial director advice and also advises in a senior accountant capacity.